Elyssa McGregor

Elyssa is the Information Technology Manager at KAK Industry. She blends her tech expertise with a passion for the firearm industry. She thrives on crafting innovative ideas and conducting research for engaging blog posts and marketing materials. Elyssa's unique approach reflects her dedication to both technology and the firearms community.

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  • Found you on YouTube huge fan I realize what’s going on I sincerely appreciate your true patriotism of real 2a love I live in wa state were they just fucking band guns all together im a huge collector and amateur gun smith their is a serious assault on our constitutional rights we watch same channels god bless

  • I feel like everything is getting worse intense because of creepy Joe I don’t know how far this is going to go before we all have to take a stand and actually fight for our 2A Rights everything they do just screws with law-abiding citizens never affects criminals or crazies all I can say is I’m not giving mine up without a big fight 🔥

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