The ATF is back at it again, this time with a point system bingo-style game to decide if your pistol is a short-barreled rifle (SBR). Spoiler alert: it probably is. We want you to know that KAK Industry stands firm against those who would infringe upon our 2nd amendment rights. That is why we think it is important to provide our followers with information on the proposed shoulder brace legislation, and most importantly how to oppose this ridiculous proposal.

This is the ATF’s 2nd attempt to forcibly enact the largest gun registration scheme in American history. In the past decade, the ATF has created guidelines of what is legal or not in the world of pistol braces. Most often vague and arbitrary, these laws do nothing to curb crime but force law abiding citizens to abide by them. Millions have purchased pistol braces over the past decade in an effort to obey the law. Criminals do not purchase braces because they do not care about laws. Now the ATF has decided that braces are not ok, after millions of Americans have purchased them to make their firearms legal. This legislation would force millions to either register firearms, dispose of something they legally purchased or become a felon. Ultimately this legislation only serves to force people to do something, in this case register firearms.

The ATF Proposed Ban on Pistol Braces

On June 7, 2021, the ATF signed a proposed rule that would limit the use of “stabilizing braces” on a rifle. Their Proposed Rule 2021R-08 (which now has over 100K comments) contains factoring criteria to clarify when a rifle is “intended to be fired from the shoulder.” It also outlines the factors that would determine whether these firearms equipped with a stabilizing brace would be classified as a short-barreled rifle (SBR). Ultimately these factors will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals. Some of the opposed comments state that it is ridiculous for the ATF to assume everyone is a criminal and breaking the law with pistol braces. We at KAK agree.

Did you know that the ATF’s Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached “Stabilizing Braces” is a BAN on 40,000,000 pistols? Check out Gun Owners of America Pistol Brace Calculator. Here they state that “As proposed, President Biden’s new rule would force law-abiding gun owners to submit their estimated 40,000,000 legally acquired firearms and firearm accessories to registration and taxation or to confiscation and destruction.”

Couple of Key Takeaways on the Proposed Rule for Pistol Stabilizing Braces

The ATF Intends to Update the Definition of a Rifle
The ATF’s intent to update the definition of a rifle literally turns millions of law abiding citizens into criminals. The ATF wants to classify a rifle to include any firearm with a rifled barrel that has a stabilizing brace. The reason being that they believe firearm owners are using pistol braces to convert pistols into short-barreled rifles.
The ATF Plans to Apply a Point System for Classification
The proposed ATF Worksheet 4999 is to be used as a point system which will assign a weight value to various characteristics of the fully assembled firearm once submitted for classification. These point values range from 0 to 4 points. Each point 1-4 is an indicator of whether or not the firearm could be fired from the shoulder (1-minor, 2-moderate, 3-strong, and 4-decisive). This point system indicator would determine whether the build would be classified as a short-barreled rifle.
Act now & submit a comment against the proposed rule.
Act now & submit a comment against the proposed rule.

What Happens if this Rule Goes Into Effect?

If this rule goes into effect it will impact millions of Americans with privately-owned firearms and thousands of jobs in the firearm industry. It would be unlawful to possess these firearms unless gun-owners do the following:

  • Gun owners would need to add a longer barrel to the firearm to avoid it from being classified as a short-barreled rifle.
  • Forced to surrender the firearm to the ATF.
  • Destroy the pistol stabilizing brace for those firearms that are assembled from scratch.
  • Destroy the firearm.
  • Pay another $200 tax stamp fee and register the firearm with the ATF.

KAK’s Stance on the Proposed Rule

To our valued customers, We are aware of the proposed regulation regarding pistol braces from the ATF and stand firmly against turning law-abiding Americans into criminals. At this point, nothing has changed and we are working to ensure it stays that way. We are partnering with Gun Owners of America to fight against unjust laws that threaten not only the 2nd amendment but all the other amendments it protects. We reject vague descriptions and uninterpretable language by the current administration’s DOJ and are currently working on a solution for everyone who owns one of our products and for those who will purchase them in the future.

Act now & submit a comment against the proposed rule.
Act now & submit a comment against the proposed rule.

How to Oppose the Proposed Pistol Brace Ban

There is a comment period where the ATF will hear what the public has to say about this proposed law. Please go to >>> this link <<< and leave a comment to have your voice heard explaining why you do not agree with the proposed shoulder brace legislation. This is a crucial point in the fight to maintain our 2nd Amendment rights. As firearm enthusiasts, it is literally the least we can do!

We were told “No swearing, no copy and pasting pre-set responses, do not be aggressive and be as tactful and professional as possible.”

The goal here is to politely let them know that you do not support any kind of legislation regarding pistol braces and you do not agree with or support regulating firearms with pistol braces under the NFA. More firearm regulations are not the answer to violent crime in this country, as it has been shown that gun laws have no effect on violent crime.

In addition, contact your senators and house representatives today! Your voice does matter in this process, and the only way to make a difference is by using it to advocate for our constitutional rights.

Please tell your friends, share this blog and lets all do our part to fight back on the proposed pistol brace ban.
#savethebraces #endbracism

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  • I oppose this rule change. Actual statistical data is clear, a ban or registration of pistol braces will have no measurable impact on crime. This type of change, impacting so many Americans, should not be done via regulation change. If the government really wants to do this then it needs to be done via actual legislation rather than bureaucratic fiat . Let elected representatives vote to do this if they are so passionate about it. From there it can go into litigation and the courts. It will go all the way to the supreme court and people can see the punitive and capricious nature of Federal agencies


  • Banning AR Pistol Braces is senseless. If I were shooting Plates at 50 yards with my Red Dot sight, a Blade or Brace adds no accuracy or improved shooting. The foam pad feels good on the cheek, always has.
    IF I were left wyng, I would look at items that actually can aid someone wanting to hit many targets rapidly. HINT. It’s NOT a Brace or Blade. PS: This item is FAR superior to any Bump Fire Stock on an AR Rifle, and works on any AR Platform, including AR Pistols.

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