Recently we introducted our new “Type 42” flash hiders styled after the MG42 WWII-era. One of my first thoughts was what does the “MG” stand for in MG42. Yah, I Googled it, but you probably already guessed the “MG” in MG42 stands for “machine gun”. Or you probably already knew that. It is also shortened from German: Maschinengewehr 42. But after doing some research I found out more about these WWII-era MG42s. Like did you know that the MG42s were also called “Hitler’s Buzz Saw”? 👀 (insert shifty eyes here) 👀

Why was the MG42 called “Hitler’s Buzz Saw”?

It got its name because of the way it cut down troops in swaths. This machine gun is considered the deadliest machine gun in military history. The British and American troops during World War II then began to call the German MG42 machine gun “Hitler’s Buzz Saw”, “Buzz Saw” or “Hitler’s Zipper”.

And the machine gun, in some versions, fired up to 1,800 rounds per minute. Yes, you read that correctly. Production during the war amounted to over 400,000 units. In fact, the MG-42 was so intimidating that the War Department created a training film to combat the weapon’s psychological effect on soldiers. A film that downplayed the machine gun’s lethality.

The MG42 wasn’t the only weapon the American soldiers nicknamed. They had a name for the incoming rockets “Screaming Mimis”, German grenades “Potato Mashers”, and for mines that exploded at crotch level “Bouncing Betties.”

Image source: Wikipedia, Type: General-purpose machine gun, Place of origin: Nazi Germany, Produced 1942-1945
Image source: Wikipedia, Type: General-purpose machine gun, Place of origin: Nazi Germany, Produced: 1942-1945

Another nickname was “The Linoleum Ripper”

The Soviet Red Army called it “The Linoleum Ripper” because of the unique tearing sound it made–a result of its extremely high rate of fire.

Orville W. “Sonny” Martin, Jr., who was a second lieutenant with the U.S. Army’s 13th Armored Division, said in an oral history of infantry and armor operations in Europe…

“It sounded like a zipper, it eats up a lot of ammunition and that makes for a logistical problem, but it eats up a lot of people too.”

The Germans called the MG42 “Hitlersage” or “Hitlers Bone Saw”. All of the names derived from the sound it made discharging up to 1,800 rounds per minute and mowing down opposing troops like a scythe.

Type 42 flash hiders styled after the MG42 WWII-era
Type 42 flash hiders styled after the MG42 WWII-era

MG42 flash hiders

In regards to the MG42 flash hiders during the WWII-era they also served as a recoil booster, thus increasing functional reliability in a battlefield environment.

Some interesting history to our MG42 WWII-era flash hiders we introduced in mid-July 2022. These flash hiders have been given the name “Type 42” 1/2-28 flash hiders in three different versions. They are perfect for your retro, steampunk, or space builds.

Be sure to pick one up today for your next build.

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