We are honored to be officially nominated for two categories in The 3D Printed Gun Awards for 2022. We have been nominated for both the “Parts Company of the Year” and “Most Supportive Company of the Year”. Thank you to all of those who nominated us for these categories.

We would like to officially congratulate Print Shoot Repeat who has been nominated for multiple categories as well. Those categories include “Content Creator of the Year”, “Shit Poster of the Year” and well a category thrown in last minute, “Master Baiter of the Year”. 😆 Ummm, yes you read that correctly, but hey I’m not in charge of the poll.

That’s five categories out of fourteen. The remaining categories are, but not limited to: “Designer of the Year”, “Design of the Year”, “Rookie of the Year”. “Educator of the Year”, “Legal Defender of the Year”, “Innovator of the Year”, “Accessory Designer of the Year”, “Meme Gun of the Year” and “Favorite Material of the Year”.

The time has come to cast your votes for any or all categories on the poll. Be sure to get your vote in by December 13th. The awards show will be December 29th on The 3D Pew General YouTube channel! Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay tuned.

NOTE: Poll is taken by IP address. So if the poll states “You have utilized all of your attempts to pass this quiz” that’s the reason why. Just simply have your friends and or co-workers change locations (office/home) and they should be able to cast their vote accordingly.

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Vote For The 3D Printed Gun Awards | The 3d Pew General

Elyssa McGregor

Elyssa is the Information Technology Manager at KAK Industry. She blends her tech expertise with a passion for the firearm industry. She thrives on crafting innovative ideas and conducting research for engaging blog posts and marketing materials. Elyssa's unique approach reflects her dedication to both technology and the firearms community.

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