As the Colorado Legislature makes another attempt at enacting an “assault weapons” ban, KAK Industry stands with the hundreds of gun rights supporters who gathered at the Colorado Capitol to voice their opposition. This legislative move serves as a stark reminder to our community—both in Colorado and our neighbors in Wyoming—that the rights we hold dear are under constant scrutiny and potential threat.

The proposed ban, a concerning development for all law-abiding gun owners, prompted a significant turnout at the Capitol, demonstrating the unity and resolve of our community. Notably, around 400 individuals participated in a pro-gun rights rally, underscoring the widespread opposition to the bill. Among the speakers was YouTube gun channel celebrity Brandon Herrera, highlighting the importance of this issue to the wider gun community.

YouTube gun channel celebrity Brandon Herrera speaks Tuesday morning in front of the Colorado Capitol building at a rally protesting a proposed “assault weapons ban” bill. (Courtesy of National Association For Gun Rights)
YouTube gun channel celebrity Brandon Herrera speaks in front of the Colorado Capitol building at a rally protesting a proposed “assault weapons ban” bill. (Courtesy of National Association For Gun Rights)

KAK Industry, a steadfast advocate for Second Amendment rights, closely monitored the events, including the attempts to submit over 200,000 signatures against the proposed legislation directly to the committee—a testament to the depth of opposition among the public. Unfortunately, these efforts were met with resistance, signaling a challenging path ahead.

The proposed legislation, House Bill 24-1292, suggests sweeping bans that extend beyond semi-automatic rifles, encompassing a range of firearms that are a staple of American gun ownership. The implications of such a ban are far-reaching, with potential fines up to $250,000, highlighting the severe impact on gun owners.

This move by the Colorado Legislature is a reminder of the importance of vigilance and advocacy. The experiences in Colorado should serve as a cautionary tale, not just for Colorado residents but for our friends in Wyoming and beyond. The fabric of our rights is interwoven with the actions we take in moments like these.

As a community and industry, we must remain informed and engaged, understanding the potential repercussions of such legislation on our freedoms. KAK Industry is committed to supporting efforts to challenge overreaching gun control measures and to uphold the principles of the Second Amendment. Together, we can navigate these challenges, ensuring that our rights are preserved for future generations.

Further Resources and Advocacy Groups

For readers interested in exploring Second Amendment rights further or engaging in advocacy work, we’ve compiled a list of organizations dedicated to the preservation and defense of gun rights in the United States.

Gun Owners of America (GOA): Renowned for its steadfast commitment to gun rights without compromise, GOA actively lobbies against gun control legislation and works to educate and mobilize gun owners.

National Rifle Association (NRA): The NRA is a leading organization in gun rights advocacy, providing members with education, legal defense, and a voice against restrictive gun laws.

Second Amendment Foundation (SAF): Focused on legal challenges and educational efforts to protect the right to keep and bear arms. SAF is at the forefront of defending gun rights through the courts.

National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR): Known for its grassroots approach, NAGR actively campaigns against gun control measures and works to mobilize public support for gun rights.

Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC): Dedicated to advocating for constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment, FPC engages in legal actions and public education to oppose gun control.

These organizations play a pivotal role in the ongoing effort to ensure that our rights are protected and preserved. Engaging with them can provide valuable resources, legal support, and avenues for activism.

Elyssa McGregor

Elyssa is the Information Technology Manager at KAK Industry. She blends her tech expertise with a passion for the firearm industry. She thrives on crafting innovative ideas and conducting research for engaging blog posts and marketing materials. Elyssa's unique approach reflects her dedication to both technology and the firearms community.

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