When we designed the new KAK Industry MLOK Handguard, we had one clear goal in mind: to create a high-quality, 100% American-made handguard with a barrel-nut clamping system as rigid and repeatable as the $300-400 options on the market, without the Gucci styling, to compete with the value-priced handguard options on the market today.  Our twin lug fastening system does just that.  It pulls the handguard firmly against the barrel nut, eliminating handguard deflection, while the anti-rotation tabs guarantee that the handguard is in perfect alignment with your upper receiver.  Unlike the pressure clamps used on many handguards, our mounting system ensures that your handguard will not detach from the upper or rotate out of place, even if the mounting screws become loose.

We were so confident in the design that we asked our good friend, Print Shoot Repeat, to try it out, and then try his best to destroy it.  PSR just posted his torture-test video, and he did not disappoint – even though he didn’t manage to actually destroy it, despite his best efforts.

PSR started out with a relatively mild slapping, kicking, and standing on the KAK MLOK Handguard, before throwing it 30 or 40 feet down range.  No worse for the abuse, he went Full Semi-PSR and drove over it with his truck, shot it three times with a 12ga loaded with birdshot, and finally strapped a Firebird 65 Detonating Target to it before shooting it one… more… time.

Watch until the end, and you’ll see if we achieved our goal with the KAK Industry MLOK Handguard…

Joshua Cutlip

Josh joined the KAK team in May of 2022, bringing over 20 years experience in professional gunsmithing and sales, marketing, and product management with other well-known manufacturers in the firearms and ammunition industry.

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  • I don’t understand the head gear?

    And I’m not one to be judgmental and criticize but those shorts look like ‘ur on the comedy cop show Reno 911. I would seriously reconsider those shorts.

      • apparently not!? LOL I loved it and since he made me laugh i subbd his channel! I have been a customer ever since i found KAK , and got into building my own ARs ! I love their products and i have never had an issue with any of it! fits great every time and looks good too! Although i think his head gear is so he isnt mobbed in the streets or bothered by the law for printing stuff? lol We all know how the left just loves to get them some terrorists (patriots) with guns they can lock up! Although those with a criminal past shouldnt go to prison for their,crimes! If a law abiding citizen builds their own gun without the ok of the government then they gotta go! Its made me sick to see how our country has changed in my lifetime alone! My grandfather is rolling over in his grave!!!

  • Hoestly KAK as one of your resellers, this type of kid wearing a mask to promote your gear will make me pass you by when I go to restock. There are planty of channels you could have sponsored.

  • I love the look of these handguards! So you guys make a 17″ handguard for AR15’s or AR10s? Im in the middle of building a 22″ .308 LR-10 and would love one just like it on my rifle???

    • Thank you Big Mike. Unfortunately we do not have a 17″ handguard in our product line right now. Best of luck with your build.

  • just ordered a 15″ handguard for my 18″ barrel DMR build, excited to build it out and put a bipod all the way out there to test the flex. I’m hoping you decide to do a run for the LR308/DPMS AR10 pattern next. besides Aero the 308 AR space is completely absent of awesome handguards at the sub $200 price point. I’m partial to DPMS low spec, but I would be willing to drop money on one of your DPMS high uppers just to run one of these handguards on my 308 ARs. I know you have a cost amortization calculation that drives investment choices for cost of materials and tooling, so we’ll probably only see a DPMS high version, but it would be nice to see both options. 🙂

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