AT3 Tactical recently put the KAK Industry K-SPEC buffers to the test, focusing on their prowess in recoil reduction. The buffers, designed for both standard ARs and pistol caliber carbines, boast flatwire recoil springs for enhanced performance.

Upon inspection, the reviewer found the K-SPEC buffers to be a solid and well-constructed product. Despite initial skepticism about recoil reduction claims, the reviewer was impressed by the quality of the spring used in the buffers. The sliding weights in the rear provided a dead blow effect, ensuring a stable and controlled experience.

The K-SPEC buffers come in two varieties, with a distinct finish and weight for each. The PCC varieties range from 5.5 to 9.6 ounces, catering to various preferences. The standard AR weights cover H1 and H3 buffers, offering flexibility for users experimenting with different setups.

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In practice, the reviewer found that the K-SPEC buffers delivered on their promise of recoil reduction. The stout recoil spring at the head of the buffer played a key role in dampening the felt recoil, providing a more comfortable shooting experience. The flatwire buffer spring added reliability by ensuring the bolt reliably returned to battery.

The review acknowledged the common challenge of heavy recoil in 9mm ARs, comparing it to standard rifles. While the K-SPEC buffers may not transform the 9mm AR into an MP5 in terms of recoil, the reviewer noted a noticeable difference that makes the upgrade worthwhile.

In conclusion, AT3 Tactical’s review highlighted the effectiveness of the KAK Industry K-SPEC buffers in reducing recoil for 9mm ARs. The solid construction, thoughtful design, and tangible improvements in felt recoil make these buffers a promising upgrade for firearm enthusiasts seeking a smoother shooting experience.

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